Saturday, October 4, 2008

Smart Globe Deluxe - Teaches World Geography And Facts In A Fun Way

This learning tool teaches interesting facts about every country in the world, along with geography, map-reading skills, and world news.The Smart Globe Deluxe looks like a regular globe, except it has touch sensitive pads built into its surface. It's use a smart pen and speaker to not only give young pupil's the name of the country it's pointing to, but will regal said student with details from currency info, local wildlife, import and export data, landmark inventions and more. It also offers comparisons, for example, how big China is compared to Russia. This Smart Globe is recommended for children ages 5 yrs and up. If you have a younger child interested in learning take a look around their learning toys and you are bound to find at least one toy that will capture your child's attention and make learning fun!

Source : Oregon Scientific

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