Friday, September 5, 2008

Share Your 3G Mobile Broadband Wherever You Are!

Aztech recently announced their new 3G mobile broadband 802.11g router - HW831. The new Aztech HW831 3G Mobile Broadband 802.11g Router offers users a portable high-speed wireless hotspot solution for tradeshows, conferences and business meetings outside the office. Without being tied down to a fixed cable or DSL line, the router gives users the flexibility of deploying a wireless hotspot anywhere using their existing 3G mobile broadband connection. The HW831 also features built in WEP security and firewall protection to ensure secure WiFi connections.

Features :

- Plug & Play - Supports major 3G USB modems in the market
- Portable HSDPA networking - creates instant wireless hotspot
- Share your HSDPA Internet access wirelessly with multiple users
- Supports both wireless WiFi 802.11b/g & wired Ethernet 10/100Mbps connections

Source : Aztech

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lotusflower said...

How does this compare with D Link?