Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Pulse Smartpen - Pen With Digital Capabilities

This electronic pen called the Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe is a ballpoint pen that you use to write notes during your classes, lectures, meetings, etc. As you write, the pen will record your strokes along with audio. When you are done with a note taking session, you can go back to your handwritten notes and tap on a word that you wrote to hear what was being said as you were writing that word. You can also upload your note taking sessions to your computer for archival and searching purposes. The Pulse smartpen has a high speed infrared camera with a Dot Positioning System (DPS); rechargeable lithium battery; high contrast display for easy indoor or outdoor viewing; dual microphones for recording and noise cancellation; an embedded speaker and an audio jack. When used with the bundled Dot Paper Notebook, the nearly invisible micro dots printed on notebook pages tell the Pulse exactly where a user is writing or tapping. Users can also customise the Pulse with additional applications , ranging from productivity tools to games. I think students will absolutely love this gadget.Check out video below.

Source : PC World

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nukeit said...

The only cool pen we had when I was in school was the wiggle writer :)