Monday, September 15, 2008

Locked And Unlocked Your Door Via Internet

What if locking the front door of your house while you're away were as easy as hopping on the internet? Recently at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, Ingersoll Rand's Schlage unit showed off door locks that can be wirelessly set via the internet, from a mobile phone or a computer. The battery operated locks have keypad that are locked and unlocked with four digit access codes. Users who forget to lock a door and want to enter their code remotely can hop onto a web portal or an application added to their mobile phones. These password protected portals also let people change, activate or disable the codes. The system which Schlage bills as the first of its kind will be available in the United States in late October. Kit for the lock, which includes the lock and the wireless bridge to communicate with it will set you back $299. There's a $13 monthly fee to use the applications that let the locks be controlled remotely.

Source : ABC News

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