Friday, September 26, 2008

Capture Any Web Video Automatically

Youtube is one of the biggest video sharing websites in the world. Since February 2005, when Youtube was created, more than eighty million users have logged in daily to watch their favorite videos, share or upload video clips. Youtube is nowadays the “go to” web site if you want to have fun watching stand up comedy, see the shows you have missed on TV and much more.

Users who are not registered on Youtube can only watch videos, while the registered users can upload as many videos as they want. However, all the movie clips, music videos, TV clips or original videos uploaded by users that you find on Youtube cannot be downloaded from this web site. This is unfortunate for many of the users because Youtube is the one place where you can find almost any video you want. The problem is you can only watch it on Youtube. It would be a lot nicer if people could download video from Youtube, because they would be able to watch it over and over again without needing an Internet connection.

Actually, it is very easy to download videos from Youtube. All you have to do is use a Downloader for Web Video & TV. RipTiger is an online video downloader that saves video to your computer as soon as you start watching. RipTiger captures web video automatically and downloads it while you continue surfing the web. All downloads are saved to your download folder so you can change file names, convert web video to other formats and enjoy your video. No other software can download as many formats as RipTiger does!

RipTiger is the easiest and the most powerful way to capture any web video and TV. Just start RipTiger, play your video or web TV as usual and RipTiger saves it automatically. No additional click or configuration hassle. RipTiger does everything automatically in the background for you. If you want to give it a try. check out their Product web-site. There are many times when you do not have Internet access for various reasons. This prevents you from watching Youtube videos. This is again unfortunate for you. . For all these situations there is a solution. RipTiger gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite videos whenever you like.

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