Thursday, August 7, 2008

Windows Update Error - 0x800a138f

Having the wrong computer settings will produce the "0x800a138f Windows Update Error." The simplest computer settings to change will be correcting the date and time settings. You can refer to Windows XP's "Help and Support" section located on the "Start" menu, on how to change your computer's date and time settings.

An incorrect language setting can also cause the "0x800a138f Windows Update Error." To correct the computer's language settings in Windows XP:

1- Go to Tools
2- Click Internet Options
3- Under the General tab
4- Click Languages

When the "Language Preference" window opens up, click the Add button to add English as the default language.

The "0x800a138f Windows Update Error" can also be repaired, by enabling Secure Sockets Layer in Internet Explorer. To enable SSL 2.0 and 3.0:

1- Click Tools
2- Go to Internet Options
3- Click Advanced Tab
4- Under Security place a checkmark next to SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0.
5- Press Apply then click OK.

Security Socket Layers are a way to enable secure transmission of data, and can cause update errors. It is also recommended you check your proxy settings in Internet Explorer, if you connect to the Internet using a proxy.

A fourth way in which to repair the "0x800a138f Windows Update Error," would be to disable your antivirus, spyware, and firewall software. Different types of software, such as these, can block access to your computer when connecting to Microsoft.

After exhausting these common ways to repair the "0x800a138f Windows Update Error," and an error message is still received, there are other options to choose from, which hopefully will correct the problem for you.

You can continue repairing the update error by going to your "Temporary Internet Files" folder, and deleting the files contained within it. This can be achieved by doing a general sweep of your computer using "Disk Cleanup" under Start > Accessories > System Tools; However, a more specific removal of the temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer can be accomplished:

1- Go to Tools
2- Click Internet Options
3- On the General tab,
4- Go down to Temporary Internet Files
5- Then click the Delete Files button
6- Afterwards, hit OK

The reason why this repair is needed after changing incorrect computer settings might be due to a corrupted or altered file within the "Temporary Internet Files" folder.

Another option to try is to delete the contents of your Windows Update folder. This is located under the "Program Files" directory on the main hard drive. The reason for deleting all of these files is similar to the previous repair above, and a corrupt or altered file could be causing the "0x800a138f Windows Update Error."

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