Monday, August 11, 2008

Transfer Music From Your Computer To Your PSP

PSP is one of the greatest gadgets today that features a music enhancement experience, as it integrates it with gaming. It gives the PSP owner a chance to optimize his or her gadget with easy music listening, complete with quality earphones that come from Sony. One can change it however, by their own choice of earphones or headphones as desired. PSP Music Downloads may be acquired from top sites that may have large databases of songs that may be transferred to your PSP. But before checking them out, you may want to know how to transfer files from your computer to your PSP.

Here are some steps:

1- Download music files and make sure that they are in these formats: .mp3, ATRAC3plus, .mp4, .wav or .wma. Music may also come from UMD’s (Universal Media Discs). If you are using Memory Stick Pro Duo, not all of these formats may work or be playable with your PSP.

2- If you already have your music files at hand, you may now transfer them to you PSP through: USB or Memory Stick. If you are going to use a USB cable, all you have to do is plug it into your computer and PSP. If you are going to use a Memory Stick transfer, just make sure you have a Memory Card Reader at hand.

3- If they have been successfully connected and you can see your PSP in the directories available, open the PSP File System. Make a folder, PSP, or any of your desire, and make subfolders inside of it, such as Music, Photos, Videos, etc.

4- Look for the files that you wish to transfer and copy them into the applicable folders. As so with this example, transfer your music files into the Music folder.

5- You may now disconnect your PSP from the computer and play your music files as you wish.

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