Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Personal Pocket Safe - Secure Your Personal Data

The "Personal Pocket Safe" was designed to empower even the most novice technology user with the latest advancements in digital organization, while knowing their personal data is stored as securely as possible. This personal pocket safe is like a safety deposit box to hold your critical digital information, including credit card and bank account numbers and all your passwords. It is a USB drive with a numeric keypad and encryption. After you enter your four digit code, you have 30 seconds to insert the device into a computer before it locks. It also locks if it sits idle in the computer for more than three minutes. All the necessary software is on the drive and it can be used on any PC without leaving a trace. The proprietary software found on Personal Pocket Safe requires no software installation and provides fields for the digital compartmentalization of information and documents such as internet passwords, bank statements, credit card bills, passports, drivers licenses and other important data that powers the lives of today's consumer.

Source : TakeAnyware

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