Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mobile Phone Virus

A mobile phone virus is a computer virus specifically adapted for the cellular environment and designed to spread from one vulnerable phone to another.The following tips can help prevent problems with viruses on your phone.

1. Switch to Bluetooth hidden mode
If your phone has Bluetooth capability, ensure that the Bluetooth capability is switched to hidden or invisible mode unless you specifically need it to be visible. This will help prevent other Bluetooth-enabled devices from finding your phone (unless you grant them the necessary permission) and will therefore help protect your phone from worms that spread using the Bluetooth wireless technology.

2. Exercise caution before opening attachments
When accepting applications sent via Bluetooth, or opening MMS attachments, exercise caution, just as you would when opening an email attachment on your PC, because they may include harmful software. Ensure the application or attachment comes from a known source, and is wary of opening files that have unfamiliar text attached to them, even if they come from someone you know.

3. Only download content from a trusted source
Trusted sources may include operator portals and other well-known brands that offer adequate protection against viruses and other harmful software. Be aware though that, as with emails, malicious or fraudulent users may be able to fake the appearance of a trusted source.

4. Consider anti-virus software
Some software is available to prevent phone viruses. You may wish to consider downloading this software.

5. Contact your phone manufacturer if concerned
If you think you have a virus, call the phone manufacturer’s care line. They can assist you confirm if it is a virus, and help fix the problem.

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Atniz said...

Really? Wow.. It is possible as it is just another software and we need a hacker to write a program to hack it. But, if this goes bad.. then we might hear phone like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erickson comes with Anti Virus software pre-installed. Sounds like the mobile phone turning into computer..