Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Invisible Carpet - The Power of Nanotechnology

Scientists from Imperial College of London have announced that they are close to developing an invisible carpet. This invisible carpet are using materials like silicon and silica and it could hide anything under it from visible light. Using metamaterials, which channel light in a way that is less than the wavelength of light that creates a mirage of invisibility using nanotechnology. The concept is still in the theory stage and putting it into practice is a lot more difficult. I wonder what will happen if this technology are fully developed. Huhu.

Source : Discovery


LiNTEK said...

Hmmnn....... The question is, how are you going to find it if you misplaced it?

Roy said...

thats awesome. i wonder how strong it is?
And lintek is right, could be easy to lose, im terribly bad at misplacing visable stuff as it is. I could also imagine tripping over it. Wonder if it stains?