Monday, July 14, 2008

Backpack Bicycle

With the raise of oil price public transportation will be the "escape plan" and bicycles will be an alternative for a short distance. The use and development of bicycles have affected mankind in a bigger way than it seems. It has affected history in both industrial and cultural realms. However, to carry a bicycle in a public transportation is always a problem. Designer Chang Ting Jen has come up with an interesting foldable bicycle concept. "Backpack Bicycle" is a normal enough bike, but as soon as user is done biking, it can be folded up into a backpack measuring just 60cm in length. It is just 5.5kg and would minimize weight using plastics in the main frame instead of metals. So now, you don’t really need a vehicle to transport your bicycle because the shape of Backpack Bicycle is easy to carry. The Backpack Bicycle could easily be taken with you on a subway or bus, and would be worth mass-producing for. Thumbs up for designer.

Source : GreenDaily

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