Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The AirPiano

Piano is the king of musical instrument. It plays an important role almost in all kinds of music. Have you ever thought of playing piano without touching anything? The AirPiano allows you to do so. The AirPiano is designed by Omer Yosha. It is an innovative musical interface which allows playing and controlling software instruments simply by moving hands in the air. It is a virtual matrix of keys and faders, each assigned with MIDI messages and ready to be triggered. The AirPiano is not only fun to play, it also invites to experiment, to explore endless arrangements and develop new playing techniques. It might be useful for DJ performance, as a music therapy instrument or as a toy. Check out video below for demo. Pretty cool stuff!

Source : AirPiano | CreateDigitalMusic

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

men it seems to be pretty cool
but the only thing that goes wrong is your demo
your music sucks, i m sorry men, it's just obvious to do such a great thing like you did, i mean invented a shit like this, and put a boring video as a demonstration.
please gives us a good music!!!