Sunday, June 29, 2008

Samsung - G600 purple

The latest Samsung phone, not just because of its features or its body but because of its unique color, has a very charming appeal. This unique colour is attracting many eyes to it. The Samsung G600 purple is a slider phone having a TFT screen and control buttons on its upper slide. Beneath it lies the attractive keypad. The usage of this keypad is extremely simple and serves all the functions.

The 5 MP camera is the USP of the phone. The picture quality is commendable and the photo editing options in it are breath-taking. The camera can be employed for auto-focusing, image stabilization, video recording and flash. This really gave me a digital camera handling experience while operating it. Besides, the quality of the pictures is awesome. One doesn't need to put in great efforts to take good pictures. Just focus and click mind-blowing photographs. Besides, the display of the screen is worth mentioning. The quality and high resolution further enhance the class of the phone.

Adding to it, the MP3 player of the phone supports all the prominent formats like AAC, AAC+, e-AAC and WMA. Further, the radio of the Samsung G600 purple ensures that the user never gets bored. The sleek and compact body of the phone adds to its features. Furthermore, the phone supports fairly good amount of talktime and stand by period.

This samsung phone has a 512 MB memory card accompanying it which gives one the freedom to store whatever he wants to without thinking about the storage. In fact, it gives the user immense confidence while downloading as well. Also, files can be shared through this phone with great ease. Various options are available to perform the task like GPRS, bluetooth and many more. In short, this phone besides having all the popular features, has convenience at its best.

Source : Phones2UDirect

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moserw said...

Looks good, though Purple is not my color.