Thursday, June 19, 2008

Next-Gen PC - Momenta

Can you believe the neckless that this women (in the pic) wearing is a PC? This is the Next-Gen PC Design Completion from Microsoft which uses the best slim and sleek OS developed by Microsoft rightly called SLIM.

Momenta PC concept has a special capability which distinguishes it among the other participants at the NextGen PC Design Competition: it records all your feelings for every last 5 minutes. There is apparently a projector in front of the apparatus, so your information will be seen on any nearby blank wall. The user can then touch the displayed screen, and the Momenta somehow knows where your fingers have been.

This wireless device cum neck wear is equipped with a coverage of 700 MHz WiFi. Either you connect it to the net or other secondary electronic devices, it works just fine. Be it saving or sending text files or an image or receiving or replying to an E-mail, or monitoring increased heart beats or ill health, this smart PC will take care of it all. Amazing idea!

Source : NextGenDesignComp


Mrs. Mecomber said...

Never before have I seen so many welcome such slavery. Doesn't that PC remind you of the iron neck collars the slaves used to wear? That is the LAST thing I'd want around my neck!

Anonymous said...

not sure I wnat to have a 700Mhz transmitter so close to my brain