Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Future Of Gaming Is Here

Emotive Systems, the pioneer in brain computer interface technology, has revealed the Emotiv EPOC, a neuroheadet that allows players to control gameplay with their thoughts, expressions and emotions. The device was unveiled during a live interactive demonstration at GDC ( Game Developers Conference).

The headset is constructed of several nodes spaced around the head that detect the electric fields being emitted by your brain. These EEG patterns are then processed and recognized. Unlike regular EEG scans that require the electrodes to be glued directly to your head, Emotiv has a "patented material" that lets the nodes simply rest against your skull with no adhesive required. As the neurons in your brain send messages back and forth, the electrical signals are picked up and analyzed. Like other forms of bodily interface (such as gestures), you must first train the headset to recognize what kind of thought pattern equates to a certain action. This obviously requires a certain degree of consistency on the part of the wearer, hence the innate difficulty and challenge of learning to use the headset. Note that the thoughts picked up by the headset include moods and feelings as well, as your brain signals your muscles to perform certain actions. The headset will retail for $299 sometime later this year in the U.S. only.

Source : Emotiv

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