Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sony Sountina - Glass Speakers

Sony unveiling a new transparent pole speaker system 'Sountina' which renders stereo sound toward all directions at the company's headquarters in Tokyo yesterday(wednesday). This system using the cylindrical tube from the entire sound of the tube around 360 degrees to spread their own "SAKURUSAUNDOSUTEJI" space music performance. The frequency response is 50Hz – 20,000Hz. Inputs include analog RCA, digital coax, optical TOS and 2 channel linear PCM (stereo). This unique speaker system featuring a woofer with amplifier at the bottom and mid-range and tweeter in a transparent acrylic tube and will go on sale on June 20. Looks cool. Reminds me of a light saber.

Source : Sony


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Quite lovely and very interesting!

- said...

Well that's pretty funny the fictional cartoon metal band Dethklok decided they wanted the purest most brutal sound possible so they recorded to water-similar, but for a cartoon pretty close...

Dave from WelcomeBackRosenthal

infinitewebprofit said...

I had seen many available transparent speakers in the market.
Let's just see and listen what this one makes the difference.