Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"NEED" - Concept Cell Phone

This concept phone is called “Need” and designed by Mr. Tamer Koseli. It has two displays - a simple OLED one which displays basic information, and a touchscreen that goes along all the length of the phone as demonstrated in the picture. You can lock and unlock the phone by sliding the first screen up and down, as shown in the picture. Mr. Tamer Koseli also seems to have strong opinion on the functions that a mobile phone should have. His concept doesn’t include any camera, MP3 player or anything of sorts; everything is limited to communicational features only. Nice concept anyway.

Source : Behance


Praveen Ratna Deepak said...

Thats sthg real cool!

Bong (JB) said...

Finally, somebody understands my niche. I'm one of those folks who onyl wants a cellphone for communication.

I don't need it to play music or take videos, I have other devices for those.

I just hope whoever decides to manufacture this concept phone won't make it too expensive.

Thanks for sharing the info. :)