Saturday, May 3, 2008

24ct Gold iPhone Solar Star Edition by Goldstriker

The new surprise from Goldstriker is iPhone Solar Star edition, a 24ct gold version of the popular mobile handset included in the recently announced Elite choice collection designed by Stuart Hughes. The rest of the casing, including the antenna cover, is painted in the same Balloon White as you might find on a Lamborghini Gallardo Balloon white. It comes with updated firmware 1.1.4 and is unlocked for worldwide GSM use. You’ll get 16GB of flash memory inside. It costs GB£749.95. Is it worth it??

Source : Goldstriker


Louie said...

I don't think that it's a good idea to invest in blinged gadgets like this one. One reason is that keeping up with technology. In six months or so this phone will totally lose it's value and newer models will be available in a much cheaper price. It's like the Vertu cellphones which can cost you as much as $30k.

Yoko said...

Thanks for your response.