Thursday, April 24, 2008

Exhaust Air Jack

Do you get a flat tire recently? Well, here’s a car jack that doesn’t require feats of strength. The Exhaust Car Jack will easily lift your vehicle within half a minute. Just connect the Air Jack's hose to your exhaust, turn on your engine and you’re good to go. The exhaust will inflate the bag, lifting the vehicle’s frame 17″ off the ground. The bag remains inflated even after the engine is turned off thanks to a one-way valve. It’s been proven to work in mud, snow, and on uneven ground where a regular jack won’t work. It costs $129.95 and quite innovative.

Source : AJPrindle


BioTecK said...

hehe.. Funny thing! But even with this you need to change the tires your self! ;)
I'm waiting for a tool which can do both! :p

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have another tag for you...hope it's ok if you spread it to the world. thanks.


Yoko said...

Thanks. :)