Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CardioArm for Heart Surgery

The CardioArm is a robot with a very small diameter that can be used by surgeons performing heart operations. CardioArm was developed by Carnegie Mellon University. This technology enables a surgeon to perform a critical cardio surgery with a single cut. The robot’s coiled shape makes it the most flexible endoscope ever that follows the track led by robot’s head. A computer and a joystick operate it allowing 102 degrees of freedom to reach any knotty location inside the body. The smallest version measures 300mm and 12mm in length and diameter respectively. Eventually, the Carnegie Mellon University(CMU) researchers hope to make a snake small enough to enter the bloodstream through a blood vessel.

There is no doubt that in future we will see more and more instances of tiny repairing units entering our body and performing tasks which were once thought to be difficult and took hours and hours together. Wicked!

Source :
Technology Review

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