Thursday, April 3, 2008

Benefits Of Using Shopping Cart Software

Selling online can be a daunting task even for an internet novice. Consequently, it doesn’t get easier for the average business owner who would like to expose their products and services to the entire world using a shopping cart system. In order for a merchant to have a successful online storefront, it's important that he install reliable and easy to use shopping cart software. For those who are new to online shopping and don't understand the purpose of the shopping cart, let me explain a little about the process. Before the introduction of shopping card software, an online shopper had to purchase each product he wanted individually unless the merchant had an order form where the shopper could include several items. As ecommerce became more popular, the importance of a better system became pertinent. If ecommerce were going to become the wave of the future, merchants would have to make it quick and easy for customers to place an order. Thus, the ecommerce solution was the development of shopping cart software that allows a shopper to make purchases and place them in a "shopping cart" much as you do at the grocery store and pay for everything when you have finished shopping and are ready to proceed to checkout.

Shopping cart software has opened an entire new media for the online shopper, and as a result, ecommerce has exploded all over the Internet with the introduction of stores like Amazon.com who do not even have a brick and mortar store. Yes, they have a brick and mortar building, but that is a packaging and shipping facility only, not a store where you can walk in and purchase what you like. Amazon is probably the first store of its type on the Internet, but many more have opened since then. Today, instead of just books and videos, Amazon distributes products for a great deal of retailers including Toys'R'Us. The technology of the shopping cart software has opened up an entire new era of shopping throughout the world, and at the holidays, it's even bigger as people flock to their keyboards and monitors instead of the malls as they used to do.

New merchants should certainly not hesitate to add a shopping cart feature from the start unless your business is only one product and no choices such as color or size. For instance, if you are selling a book you wrote, and it's only in one format, then there is no need to have a shopping cart. If, however, you offer the same book in hardcover, paperback, and eBook format, a shopping cart may be a good idea in case a buyer wants to buy more than one copy in different formats. Of course, if you have a multi-product ecommerce site, to operate without this ecommerce software is courting disaster. Some of the reasons for adding shopping cart technology to your ecommerce site include:

- It allows a shopper to save his purchases and return later to finish shopping - A shopper can return to his shopping cart and increase or decrease the number of items he wants to purchase

- A shopper as an opportunity to remove products from his shopping cart without deleting the entire order - Shopping cart software also allows the buyer to track what products he ordered and allows the seller to include shipping information

If you never used shopping cart software before and looking for a reliable and easy to use shopping cart software, I really recommend Ashop Commerce because they are a professional ecommerce company specializing in shopping cart software development and they provide a total solution to online selling.

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