Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bedfan Cooling System

- Do you have night sweats?
- Do you wish you could feel your ceiling fan and air conditioner under your bed covers?
- Do you and your spouse disagree about how to set the air conditioning while you sleep?
- Do you sleep best under covers, but want to save money on Summer air conditioning?
- Is your home's air conditioning unevenly distributed among the bedrooms?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Bedfan is for you!

The Bedfan cooling system was designed specifically to prevent you from getting hot by generating a light breeze that starts at the foot of your bed and travels between the sheets. The breeze then exits out past your shoulders. The breeze pushes out any extra heat your body generates. At the same time it keeps your body a constant temperature and removes any humid air trapped between the sheets. The Bedfan cooling system keeps your bed cool as well. So that extra heat at night is dealt with rapidly and efficiently.

Unlike old-fashioned fans, the Bedfan cooling system delivers a gentle breeze that starts at the foot of your bed and flows slowly between your sheets and along your body before surrounding and exiting at your neck and shoulders. Bed Fan saves money and energy, too. Save energy on air conditioning and money on your electric bill. The design features quiet, dual 12-V fans. You'll be able to raise your thermostat by several degrees and still sleep as cool or cooler than before.

Source : Bedfan

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