Tuesday, March 11, 2008

T5000 Security Imaging System to see concealed items under clothing at extended ranges outdoors

ThruVision a British company has developed a new camera, the T5000, that can detect weapons, drugs or explosives hidden under people's clothes from up to 25 meters away in what could be a breakthrough for the security industry. The technology, which has military and civilian applications and could be used in crowded airports, shopping malls or sporting events, will be unveiled at a scientific development exhibition sponsored by Britain's Home Office on March 12-13.

The camera uses "passive imaging technology" to identify objects by the natural electromagnetic rays known as Terahertz or T-rays that they emit. The technology works on the basis that all people and objects emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation. According to ThruVision, the camera does not present a threat to personal privacy, as the human body emits terahertz waves at a frequency which the device does not scan. This means that it does not reveal personal body details, giving the system an advantage over rival millimetre wave radar, which provide clear pictures of the body under clothing. What a technology.

Source : Informationweek


Tim said...

How about drugs and plastic bombs? Do these machines detect them?

Yoko said...

Yes. This T5000 can detect both metallic and nonmetallic objects under clothing without revealing details of the subject's body.

Princess Cinderella said...

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Yoko said...

Thanks for the compliment princess cinderella. :)