Sunday, March 2, 2008

Robot Mobile Phone

Do you like transformers? Ever dream of your mobile phone to transform to robot? As surprising as it seems, what you’re seeing here are not toys, nor fake promotional items. SoftBank, the third largest mobile operator in Japan, will soon release Toshiba 815T PB, a mobile phone that will make an excellent gadget for all the robot fans out there.

This cool mobile phone can be transformed into a robot, and is made for the forthcoming release of Ketai Sousakan 7, a Japanese Sci-Fi TV series. This mobile phones are fully functional as they are 3G network enabled, come with a 3.2Mpix auto focus camera and a QVGA screen. It will be available in silver and black, starting April 2008, exclusively via SoftBank. There are no pricing details
for the moment.

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