Tuesday, March 4, 2008

iPod - A Music Device For All!

iPod is the brand name of a media player that is portable. Since then many generations of iPods have been hitting the shop shelves one after another taking the world by storm - classic, touch, shuffle, mini etc. The latest model stores media on an internal hard drive and like other music players can also provide for external data storage.

Apples iTunes transfers music to the devices. The iPod is a veritable music library. From a CD it can play, burn and rip music as well as transfer photos, games, videos and calendars. The best thing is that the gadget is extremely user friendly and can be operated by young and old. The technical excellence does not surface and complicate matters for the ordinary user. It is the best selling audio player in digital history.

Apple surprised the world of sight and sound with the iPod in 2001. It is a player with the fantastic storage power of 5 GN (gigabytes). After a few generations of iPods there came the one with 160 G.

Both Mac and Windows are operable in iPod, although the latter belongs to the Apple family. What is it that makes iPod peerless? Firstly is the light form - the iPod 80 GB classic is less than 1 inch in depth and feather light - 4.9 ounces. In comparison one of the others in the market are 1.06 inch and 12 ounces with 20GB. Secondly is the extremely sensitive click wheel, which the thumb can easily operate. There are not enough rooms for any buttons. The latest models are dispensing with the wheel and going for multi-touch sensory system.

Apart from the iTunes integration and auto sync, the click wheel and the slim figure, the iPod has other notable features. Up to 40,000 songs can be stored in some models. The song details like name and artist can be typed in the search function. The click wheel helps to locate the number. The songs can be listened to at various speeds - slow, fast and medium without causing distortion. Through a jack it can be connected to the home stereo. There is a preset device for diverse music styles.

The 80-GB can store 100 hours of video and double the number of hours in 160-GB. It can be connected to the home theatre TV to view with sound slides or video on a large screen. The model is able to hold a maximum number of 25,000 photographs. The iPod can operate as a portable hard drive carrying all types of computer files. There is calendar contact syncing and pre-loaded games also. It can be integrated to the car with slight rearrangements, which the car mechanic will not find difficult to handle. New cars support this integration so much so that the device is controlled through a headgear or the controls of the steering wheel.

The story of iPod will be incomplete without mentioning the accessories. This is often referred to as the iPod eco-system. These accessories add extra features like sound recorders, FM radio tuners and cables) that connect to the television. There are also wireless remote controls and earphones.

Despite expensive repairs and early battery deaths people are hooked to it like never before. The 2007 wonder iPod model is the classic marvel that is fitted with audio and video players, photo viewers as well as portable hard-drive. Thus is it is a complete handy media center. The customer can pick either the 80 GB or 160 GB models with colour LSD display.


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