Friday, February 22, 2008

Why You Should Own A Laptop

by : James Brown

Your mind battles between getting a laptop now that you think you have a lot of things to do while you want to have so much fun. Work and pleasure can never be as easy when you have the windows to the world seated on your lap. The words boredom and exhaustion are long gone as work and pleasure can be very physical exasperating. You can make that difference in your lifestyle and you can turn it into what others may envy.

Here's 20 reasons why you should get a laptop and what you can do with it once it is connected to the internet. Discover just how fun life can be:

1. You will have a computer that you can carry and use anywhere in your house.

2. You can choose to plug it on the wall or you can choose to use the battery.

3. If you need to work in a coffee shop or in the library, portability is what you call it.

4. Your laptop is flexible. It is adaptable to changes of its requirements; upgrade or expand it.

5. Your laptop is versatile.

6. A laptop can multi-task. Given you have several tasks to finish and you wanted to be entertained at the same time, laptops can do that for you.

7. When you have a laptop, it's high time you start that business you've been dreaming to start for.

8. You will have more access to your business data so that you can monitor how well the business is doing.

9. If you have a wireless connection, so much the better! The world is truly at the tip of your fingers.

10. You can increase business opportunities by knowing new people that you meet in the coffee shops for instance.

11. Your work is all along with you. You can put it on hold for a few minutes or several hours and you can go back to it anytime whenever you want to.

12. You can create visual aids through graphs, table and charts and save it in your laptop before you show it to your future clients.

13. You can easily feed your head with news, events and updates that can be easily retrieved anytime when it is necessary.

14. You can put your personality on your laptop, designing it to what may exhibit as more likely yourself.

15. You can store movie videos and watch it several times for as long as you'd like to.

16. You can manage your music files and listen to it anytime of the day without having to stop what you're doing.

17. You can download and read your favorite e-books while waiting for your turn or when killing time.

18. You can chat in the comfort of your own privacy without someone bugging you.

19. You can store your pictures, edit, pimp and print them when you feel narcissistic.

20. You don't have to go out in your wardrobe and tire yourself with shopping because you can do it online while getting the latest updates.


Brian Morgan said...

All great reasons to buy a Laptop, I guess I should get one- I use a desktop for everything. Thanks Brian Morgan http://DoYouKnow.typepad.com/

Yoko said...

Cool. Thanks for dropping by. :)