Thursday, February 28, 2008

Linc Concept Phone - Recycles For Later Use

The Greener Grass presents their LINC concept, an environmentally conscious mobile phone. This is a sustainable phone concept that reclaims and recycles hazardous e-waste without sacrificing style or functionality.

LINC is a typical touch screen smart phone with all the connectivity and features you come to expect. LINC is leased to the user as a service, not a product. The user holds on to the device for about a year, and when the next generation of hardware comes along, the user receives a new LINC in the mail. The LINCs inform the user of their hardware upgrade, wirelessly transfer the digital account, and before being shipped back to the manufacturer, LINC informs the user of the next part of its journey.

In one step, LINC automatically disassembles into its few simple components, glass, aluminum and its circuit flex. The glass and aluminum, not containing any paints or adhesives, are easily recycled to pure grade materials for immediate reuse.
All data and personal phone information is transfered digitally to the new device so you can just start using it right when you get it, instead of having to re-add all of your contacts every year.

Source : The Greener Grass

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