Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hydrogen Powered Cell Phone

Angstrom has announced a global first with the completion of a six-month test of fully integrated fuel cell-powered mobile devices. This revolutionary power platform was successfully integrated into MOTOSLVR™ L7 handsets for the trial, with no modification to the outside dimensions of the devices. The trial devices did not rely on the use of any battery - instead, they drew power from Angstrom's Micro Hydrogen™ platform, which is comprised of a novel fuel cell architecture, innovative micro-fluidics and a revolutionary refillable hydrogen storage tank.

The hydrogen powered cell phone in your pocket will be as thin and as light as always. Angstrom Power’s prototype fuel cell lasts for twice as long as the standard lithium-ion battery that is used in all of these devices. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the charging time for the mobile device can be as little as 10 minutes.

Source : Angstrom Power


Marie Grace said...

this is an awesome phone.... hydrogen powered... cool!

anyway, thanks for dropping by...

Yoko said...

Yup, cool green gadget. Thanks. :)