Friday, February 22, 2008

ENKI - Using Electric Fish to Calm the Human Brain

ENKI is a project by Antony Hall in collaboration with Gregory Byatt. ENKI allows electric fish and humans to commune on the same level (that of electrical fields and brain waves) avoiding the use of language as such; instead stimulating a shared empathy through and actual physical connection. Using the bioelectric communication signals from live Electric Fish to control an immersive sensory environment for humans - through which the human can communicate back to the fish. It generates sound and light pulses to induce a state of relaxation similar to the way traditional relaxation systems work, but the electric communication signal comes from an electric fish rather than a chip.

It is certain that these fish can recognize 'electrical images', changes in environmental electro connectivity as well as sense tiny creatures in zero optical visibility. Electric fish have been used medically & therapeutically for thousands of years; In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans considered the Torpedo fish to have magical properties. During the Middle Ages, the magic capacities of electric fish were sought for their vital force.

ENKI uses the bioelectric communication signals from Electric Fish to induce a state of 'extreme relaxation', it controls an immersive sensory environment designed to alter states of consciousness, and produce potentially 'healing' effects. Ultimately ENKI offers the possibility of becoming one with the mind of 'nature' - and by default, achieving an altered, beneficial state through this experience.

The ENKI prototype has been developed through research into interactive biotechnological systems, biophysics, as well as other, believed scientific theories and ideas, used to develop similar technologies in the realm of medicine, neuroscience and ideas taken from other more obscure healing technologies.

This guy is a Genius!!

Source : Anthony Hall


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