Monday, February 11, 2008

Digital Clock T-Shirt

With the Digital Clock T-shirt, I can assure you one thing, no one will ask you ‘what time is it?’. Digital Clock T-Shirts are operated from 4 x AAA batteries (included). Batteries will last between 12-36 hours (depending on mode) and can be replaced. Each Digital Clock T-Shirt has a small hidden pack with a battery compartment, small on/off button and "mode" button (choose from digital clock or stopwatch). The battery pack connects to an electro-luminescent panel. Digital Clock T-Shirts must be hand washed. Care must be taken to avoid folding the front panel and the battery pack must be removed prior to washing. Digital Clock T-Shirts are unisex in style and only available in black. This creates a good contrast with the flashing display. Price = $59.95

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