Thursday, February 28, 2008

Casio Exilim S10

Casio unveiled the Exilim Card EX-S10 digital camera, which it claims is one of the slimmest in its range. The Casio Exilim EX-S10, while naturally offering significant enhancements in function and performance, focuses on style with a new body shape that keeps height to a minimum and exudes a sense of premium design quality. The new EXILIM Card EX-S10 maintains all of the powerful functionality of the cameras that are in their line (high pixel count, zoom functionality, LCD monitor, photo functions, etc.) but it also embodies a return to a stylish thin form and a strong design presence.

The camera has a 10 megapixel sensor with 3x optical zoom and a 2.7in high contrast widescreen LCD that has a 230,160 dot resolution. Even though it's only 0.5in thick, the EX-S10 has all the bells and whistles of a standard digital camera. The widescreen display can be viewed easily from above, below, left or right thanks to its wide viewing angle, and its extremely bright, making it easy to view even under bright sunlight.

With Auto Shutter functions, your camera will detect the perfect time to snap your picture. The new Casio Exilim cameras are equipped Auto Shutter Functions that will make blurry pictures a thing of the past.

The camera can record 30fps H.264 video with sound at resolutions up to a widescreen 848x480. The EX-S10 saves audio for videos in the AAC format so that the videos can be played with sound on iPods and other portable players. You can shoot high resolution movies at full speed and in a video and audio format that fits into today's world of iPods, YouTube, eBay and other electronics and services that increasingly work together.

This world’s smallest and thinnest 10 megapixel camera fits perfectly into accessible pockets for spontaneous snapshots and personal YouTube-friendly videos. The conservative $249 price is fair for what this camera is: a thin 10.1 megapixel camera with a host of Scene modes and scant manual controls.


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