Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gibson Robot Guitar

Introducing the Gibson Robot Guitar, the world’s first guitar with robot technology. Gibson’s Robot Guitar is the only guitar available with the auto-tuning system.

Gibson Robot Guitar will be pre-calibrated for a standard .010-.046 set of strings. If you change string gauges, restore factory defaults, or are installing the system yourself, you may first want to calibrate the Powerheads individually using the calibration method.

However, since each Powerhead is selfregulated with a Dynamic Runtime Algorithm (DRA) which ensures the change of runtimes according to each string, after several tunings the system will perfect itself automatically. A special “eFunction” algorithm is provided by the software to assist the tuning process.

The Robot guitar will be available December 9th. I'm on real crap internet right now so I'm having trouble discovering if they actually announced a MSRP yet. I'm sure, being Gibson, it'll be a few thousand dollars for the whole rig.

Wondered how it works? Check This Out.

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